Uncle Arnold Productions was started in 1998 as a small Web Development and publication business. At the time I was already working a full time corporate job, married and raising two daughters. I had been considering starting up a venture for some time, but with the work load I was carrying and my family responsibilities I lacked the confidence to make the leap.

It was during this time that I happened to watch a Biography Channel show on the early days of the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. You don't have to be a fan to know that Arnold represents a man of indomitable spirit and will. He's persevered in every venture he's taken on, and often proven every critic wrong in their forecasts of failure. What surprised me was that Arnold claimed to have very low self confidence. He stated that every morning was a battle to get up and face the challenges of the day. Arnold claimed that he spends an hour each morning, building up his self confidence before leaving the house. I found this amazing in a person who appears so utterly self confident. So, who am I to worry about the possible problems with starting up a small enterprise of my own!

Within a month, I had my first clients and was successfully on my way. I named the venture Uncle Arnold to acknowledge the inspiration of Arnold Schwarzenegger in taking the chance. You may even have noticed the smirking face in the company logo - remind you of anyone?

When I joined the start-up team at teen.com, I began to farm out my clients to other developers in order to focus my energies. The Uncle Arnold site has remained to allow me to test new programs, communicate with friends and to present background information and career details to prospective employers to facilitate the hiring process.