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By 1987 Bill Lowe, the new CEO created a small Research and Development group within the existing Engineering department. Two Mechanical Engineers were given the task to advance the technology of NEBS in-house designed/produced press equipment, while I was charged with investigating emerging technologies as possible new product possibilities. We quickly created a small research lab within one of the production facilities and set out to bring NEBS a wealth of possible avenues for development and sales. Our mission was simple but very intense, - Stay on top of the rapidly changing technologies within and supporting the Printing Industry, Evaluate possible opportunities and threats and recommend actions to the Executive officers.

While this was a small group, we had a profound impact on the course of NEBS product introductions. Over the next few years NEBS followed the introduction of Digital Photography, Advances in environmental sciences, Very short run web Offset Press technology, Mobile Computing Platforms, Direct to Plate systems, Short Run Process Color, and many other technologies. As technologies matured they were integrated into existing manufacturing systems with impressive cost reductions or performance enhancements.

One of the more interesting ventures resulted in the development of the NEBS Kiosk. a stand alone unit to allow customers to order standard imprinted and stock products from locations such as Kinkos, and copy cop. The Kiosk allowed a customer to browse the NEBS on-line catalog by product ot by needs and gently guided them through choosing and customizing a product with their companies information. The Kiosk would allow the customer to pay by credit card and an orders were transmitted to NEBS fulfillment each day. This program was directly responsible for the NEBS eventual successful entry into Internet Sales a year later.