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Did Anyone Think This Would End Well?

.... That sentiment seemed to echo the common thoughts of onlookers as "Bathescope Barbie" took to the waters of the farm pond on Sunday. After a lengthy development process in which "Bathescope Barbie" personally designed and tested her own breathing and floatation systems (seen here) is preparing for Sundays deep water adventure by checking her patented "Air Head" breathing apparatus which will hopefully ensure her healthy return from the depths of the farm pond.

In a recent interview, "Bathescope Barbie" told the press....

"I was very disappointed that the bobbers dont come in pink! ... I mean gosh! Orange or Red ... whats a pretty girl like me supposed to do with that?"

Many oceanographic experts have questioned the safety of "Bathescope Barbies" equipment pointing out that no one in their right mind would try anything this stupid. When questioned about her equipment choices, "Bathescope Barbie" replied, "Have you seen my new swimsuit? Its awesome - All pink and lacy, I look soooo sexy! - Not like that old Jack Coujoo Frenchie guy in that skimpy speedo! I mean eeeewwwwww!"

All was going well as "Bathescope Barbie" and her prep team seen here prepared to launch the intrepid deep water exploreer into the murky depth of the farm pond. A stout safety line was attatched and "Bathescope Barbie" was "flung" out into the cold waters.

"All was going splendidly at first!" said amused observers. "She just bobbed up and down happily floating like a tacky pink lillpad waiting for her froggy prince"

But the aquadic experiment quickly went sour when a truckload of faux rednecks came roaring up in a pickup truck. Drinking soda pop and smoking cigaretts, these "Bad Boys" of the art world began taunting "Bathescope Barbie" "Things quickly got out of hand" commented one observer "..when the skinny guy with fire in his eyes pulled out a gun and began shooting at "Bathescope Barbie" ! ...One by one they shot off her bobbers and she was last seen sinking to the pond floor .... all that was left was plastic bobber pieces floating in a series of water rings marking "Bathescope Barbies" final resting place

The End?