OK! We admit it! We probably deserved what we got. But still even we were surprised that the strange sounds of scratching and scraping from under the porch were the feeble efforts of an undead doll.

And to make matters worse, of all the Barbies that met a sudden and fiery end this summer, why oh why did it have to be the "Pediatric Barbie" that choose to come back. See this Barbie came complete with a examining table and two adorable little toddlers ... and.... well they were just so darned cute strapped to that big rocket engine that .... well we couldn't help it.

Now they are all back and shuffling around the house, getting under our feet, trying to eat the cats brains... (good luck there!) We thought about shooting "Zombie Barbie" in the brain, but no real surprise, she never had one to start with!

So "Just How Do We Get Rid of a Zombie Barbie?"

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