Welcome! Barbie continues to push the envelope of common sense with these new adventures!

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The "Crash Test Barbie" team is in winter quarters. But that wont stop us from continuing to experiment with the laws of physics and common sense.

We've outlined an aggressive testing program for our newly created team at the Barbie Propulsion Laboratory

Check in to see our ongoing tests as we develop the "Ultimate Barbie Rocket Powered Boat" scheduled for an early spring launch.

Check out some of our summers experiments with rocket engines, explosives, and Mattel's ubiquitous party girl "Crash Test Barbie"

"Rocket Powered Car!"

"Rocket Powered Boat!"

"Rocket Powered Boat! - MARKII"

William Tell Barbie!
Bathescope Barbie!
Burn Unit Barbie
Suffering the slings and Arrows of common sense, "William Tell Barbie" will attempt to recreate the historical moment when an apple was cleanly split by an archers arrow.

Will Barbie be successful or mearly get the shaft once again?

"Bathescope Barbie" is outfitted in a stunning pink deep sea diving helmet and matching frilly bikini as she goes exploring the murky and dangerous waters of the farm pond.

What creatures will she encounter on her dive and will "Bathescope Barbie" return safely to the surface? - Check back soon!

"Burn Unit Barbie" is back for more adventure. After her recent failed attempt at co-driving a rocket powered car "Burn Unit Barbie" (BUB) is back to put more scientific certainties to the test - Can she once again launch herself from a canon in a fiery blaze and return safely to earth? .... or will she whack her pretty little head into the pavement?