"Crash Test Barbies" Rocket Propelled Boat!

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"Crash Test Barbie" Christened her newest Rocket Powered vehicle in preparation for the planned test launch.

"Lets hope that this one works better than that silly Rocket Powered Car!" said "Crash Test Barbie" to the press "At least I'll be near water if anything goes wrong. Last time, I nearly singed my eyebrows ....eeewwwwww"

The Rocket Propelled Boat is loaded up with Balsa wood, Styrofoam, paper and other ballast material that will keep the vehicles weight low while providing emergency floatation.

Throwing all logic overboard, "Crash Test Barbie" plans on using Black Powder to propel the boat across the waters instead of conventional rocket engines. "Those silly egghead scientists dont know what they are talking about" said "Crash Test Barbie" Rockets have nearly killed me before.... I want to use something safer this time!"

The panel of egg-headed scientists (seen here) would not comment for the press.

Watch the exciting video of the "Rocket Powered Barbie Boat" as its launched on her maiden voyage!
Wonder what happened to the egghead scientists?