"Crash Test Barbies" Rocket Car!

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"Crash Test Barbie" drives her specally built "Rocket Beach Buggy" To the test site. Accompanying her is long time freind and fellow loony adventurer "Burn Unit Barbie" who is the height record holder for being shot out of a cannon. "Burn Unit Barbie" is planning on being the co-driver when "Crash Test Barbie" lights the candle on the rocket engines embedded in the vehicle.
Watch the exciting footage of this historic launch of the "Rocket Powered Barbie Car" with driver/co-drivers "Crash Test Barbie" and "Burn Unit Barbie".
When the smoke cleared the Rocket car had been flung 3 feet and "Crash Test Barbie" had been thrown clear of the car despite wearing a safty harness. She landed unhurt amounst the weeds.

"Burn Unit Barbie" remained in the vehicle and sustained severe burns to her legs, arms and face. Her only comment to the press was "Just anouther day for me - guess you know where I'm heading now?"